Rogue of the Week – Greg

Rogue of the week questions:

What is your favorite distance and why?
The marathon. It is truly the distance that I can’t fake my way through. And when I cross the finish line, I feel like I actually accomplished something.

What do you struggle with most in running?
I struggle with all the necessary pre-running activities and post-running activities I should be doing to keep myself from being injured. Not to mention, I’m terrible with making sure I drink water during my longer training runs. I am pretty much a mess when it comes to all that.

Do you rotate shoes and if so what is in your current rotation?
Yes, I have plenty of shoes, in fact too many. I have about 10 pairs of running shoes that I have on a shelf that range in mileage from 50 to 450 miles and just pull from those when I run. The ones I use more frequently are the Saucony Speed 2, Saucony Pro 2, Nike Pegasus 38, Nike Zoomfly 4, Nike Vaporfly Next% 2, and Asics Novablast 2.

Do you have a mantra that you use when you are racing/training?
No mantra really, just enjoy the running so I can shut down my brain and relax. And it’s an excellent stress reliever.

Do you ever feel unmotivated to train and if so how do you overcome it?
I’ve always enjoyed working out whether its lifting weights, running, riding, or playing basketball/softball/etc. So training is never an issue, but there are days that are harder than others to put in the exact workout. Sometimes I just suck it up and do it or I might bump it one day and by then I’m usually good to go.

What is the best thing running has given you?
Friendships…there’s a lot you can learn about people on an 18-22 mile long run. Hours and hours of training over months with people allow you to build those strong friendships. And that friendship creates great “teammates” whether officially or unofficially come race day.

What is your favorite race you have participated in and why?
My favorite race is probably the Columbus Marathon. That’s our hometown race. On race day you see a ton of people you know running either the ½ or the full and during the race you always see people you know along the route. And you get to run in the city we all know so well, which I find adds to the enjoyment.

How did you get started in running?
I’ve always run to stay in shape, but it was never for training. In 2017 I had a friend that convinced me to run the Hot Chocolate 15K. I enjoyed the race and you end up with a shirt and a medal…what can be better than that. After that I started to sign up for a few 5Ks, 4 milers, and eventually the Cap City half marathon. After that I set my goal to “check the box” and run my first marathon, which was 2018 Columbus. Since then I’ve found a ton of great running friends and I was hooked.

What is your favorite running workout?
Nothing comes to mind, but in the dog days of summer when it’s hot out, I do enjoy running 400s, 800s, and 1200s on a track. Kind of makes me feel like a kid again…training for whatever sport in high school.

How many marathons have you run?

Who is your favorite professional runner?
It has to be the GOAT…Eliud Kipchoge. I am just in awe of what he’s been able to accomplish. He’s easy to be somebody’s favorite because he’s that good, but its mind boggling how effortlessly he makes running a 2 hour marathon seem.

What are the craziest race conditions you have had to endure?
I haven’t had any crazy race conditions in my limited racing over the past few years. 2021 Chicago was hot and humid and it looked like a military battle field at the finish line. That race wiped me out. But 2019 Pittsburgh was probably the hardest for me with all the hills, 50 degrees and pouring down rain for 10-12 miles of the race all while battling stomach issues.

Do you have a goal race you haven’t done yet and why do you want to do it?
Once I started to run marathons and started to learn more about the sport the goal race was always Boston. It’s the one you have to qualify for…and I always just hoped that I had enough in me after starting this type of running at 45 years old to one day run that race. Here I am at 49 set to run my first Boston Marathon in April.

Do you listen to music while you run and if so, what music gets you pumped up for a race?
When I run by myself during training I typically listen to music. During training I will typically just listen to Christian music…unless I’m feeling a little frisky then I might throw on some 80’s hairband rock. And if I want to get pumped up for a race then it’s definitely some of that 80’s rock for me. I mean you can get fired up for anything with some Metallica Enter Sandman.