Rogue of the Week – Donnie


1. Did/do you always find running enjoyable? Not at first, I weighed like 215lbs and I couldn’t breathe, ever, lol!

2. What is your favorite distance? All distances, I just love to race and be around all the great people who are racing or just watching.

3. What do you struggle with most in running? The cold weather. I just don’t like it!

4. Do you remember your first 5k, half marathon and/or marathon time? My first 5k I ran like a 21:20 at 215 lbs. and I said I would never do this B.S. running again. 5 months later I ran my first 13.1 in 1:38. Now I want to race every week.

5. What is your advise for someone looking to improve speed and/or endurance? Run with faster people and stick to your the plan.

6. What is your can’t live without running gear, besides shoes? I don’t need anything!

7. Ok shoes, do you rotate? If yes, how many in rotation – explain. I do rotate my shoe a little.  Adidas Adizero Bostons for speedwork and races. Nike Pegasus for long runs and Asics Nimbus for rainy, nasty weather.

8. Do you have a mantra that you use when racing or training? Try to find all the old guys and do my best to beat all of them.  But it doesn’t always workout.

9. Do you ever feel unmotivated to train? If so, how do you overcome? The cold makes me not want to run, but I just bundle up and do it.

10. What is the best thing running has given you? It gave me a new life style that I hope last for another 51 years!!!  

Donnie is the guy you want on your long runs, he can manage to talk and run so the miles pass quickly. He’s also pretty hilarious! Rogue looks forward to seeing Donnie crush his marathon goals this season!