Rogue of the Week – Susan


1. Did/do you always find running enjoyable? Nope. I was a gymnast through high school and we would have to run the track as part of conditioning. Teenage me thought it was the worst thing ever. My feelings about running are much different now. Well….most days anyway!

2. What is your favorite distance? I really enjoy the grind of marathon training, but as far as racing, I would have to say the half marathon—not too short, not too long. Although I do find something painfully satisfying about the mile.

3. What do you struggle with most in running? I still struggle with going out a bit too fast for me, and I have definitely paid the price on more than one occasion. Like maybe last weekend.

4. Do you remember your first 5k, half marathon and/or marathon time? 5K—I think the Jingle Bell Run in Columbus many years ago—no clue on the time.
Half Marathon—Cap City (2011)–1:46. This was a surprise to me, and at this point I was hooked.
Marathon—Cleveland (2012)—4:22. Temps in the high 80s and no real fuel or hydration plan did me no favors.

5. What is your advice for someone looking to improve speed and/or endurance? Run slow in order to run fast and build endurance. And having running partners who motivate you to push yourself when things start to suck is helpful.

6. What is your can’t live without running gear, besides shoes? My Garmin—I am definitely a numbers person. Also my treadmill and some Netflix. I know it’s kind of weird and I’m definitely in the minority here, but I like settling in for a long treadmill run.

7. Ok shoes, do you rotate? If yes, how many in rotation – explain. I probably ought to, but I don’t really rotate shoes per se. I have a couple favorite pairs which I’ll wear til it’s time to retire them.

8. Do you have a mantra that you use when racing or training? Believe in yourself.

9. Do you ever feel unmotivated to train? If so, how do you overcome? Absolutely. I don’t love having to run long or hard after being at work all day, but I remind myself it’s all a part of the bigger goal, so I just have to get it done!

10. What is the best thing running has given you? Some awesome chafing scars?! I can’t imagine not having the friendships that I now have because of running. It has shown me that I can be mentally strong. And I love that it has become something my girls and I do together.

Susan is an extremely positive and supportive team member. She is also very dedicated to her training, often squeezing in workouts in between her many work and family commitments. Her next race is Indy Monumental where we know she will crush it!