Rogue of the Week – Wendy


1. Did/do you always find running enjoyable? I have always loved running! I started running with my mom when I was 12 years old and immediately thought it was the best drug ever! Not only did I love it, I loved going long. When I was 13 years old I told my parents I was going out for a run and when they asked me how far I was going my response was “until I don’t feel good”. That was my first 16 miler!

2. What is your favorite distance? Definitely the marathon! So far…… ultras are coming someday!

3. What do you struggle with most in running? I struggle most with being patient. When you set lofty goals it is hard not to get caught up in the excitement of the goal and wanting too much too quickly. I tore my hamstring in early 2016 while trying to push too much too quickly.

4. Do you remember your first 5k, half marathon and/or marathon time? I don’t remember my first 5K but I can’t say I remember many of my 5Ks. I have blocked them from my mind! My first half marathon was in college and I loved it! I don’t remember my time but remember how much fun I had. My first marathon  was the NYC Marathon in 1992. I started much much too fast and hit the wall at mile 16. I struggled the last 10 miles and finished in 3:53.

5. What is your advice for someone looking to improve speed and/or endurance? Be patient!! Build up slowly and include a variety of long runs, tempo runs and intervals. And find a running group to train with to help keep you accountable and motivated.

6. What is your can’t live without running gear, besides shoes? My Garmin is a necessity! I have to say that my most important running tool is very unique……my mom!! If you have ever met my mom at a race you know why! She is a rockstar cheerleader! She has followed me to races all over the country and even followed me along the course in a marathon in the pouring rain! She will be the one at the Indy Monumental Marathon in her Rogue gear screaming for the entire team!

7. Ok shoes, do you rotate? If yes, how many in rotation – explain. Unfortunately I don’t rotate my shoes. I’ve tried, I promise. I am completely in love with my Hoka Clifton 4s! I sometimes get a crazy idea to try a new shoe and end up wondering what I was thinking!

8. Do you have a mantra that you use when racing or training? My main mantra with running and life in general is “if you think its gonna suck, it will”. Going into everything with a positive attitude helps not only your attitude but also helps the people around you! Another thing I say to myself during the marathon is to run bored the first 16 miles. Settle into a pace that seems fairly easy and then throw down the hammer and start racing at mile 16. Passing people and feeling good at the end of a marathon is the best!!

9. Do you ever feel unmotivated to train? If so, how do you overcome? I sure do!! It’s especially difficult after a prolonged training cycle when the next race isn’t for months. I love the training process! Coming down from that isn’t fun. It’s important to me to do easier runs with friends during those times.

10. What is the best thing running has given you? The best thing running has given me is friendships. Runners are the best! I have made countless friends all over the country through running.

If there is anyone  who loves to run long, it is Wendy. She has a genuine smile on her face 20 miles in and joy radiates from her, it’s truly something special to see. Her positive outlook is infectious and that’s a HUGE benefit to the team. Wendy is running Indy Monumental Marathon next month, but first, give her a cheer out on the Columbus Half Marathon course on Sunday!