What running means during the quarantine?

We are all trying to get through this challenging process of dealing with the stay at home orders, social distancing and the COVID-19 pandemic. We asked some of our runners what running means to them during this difficult time:

Jennifer: One thing I’ve noticed about running during this time is how much running is my therapy and social life! Even though I have more time to run at this moment, not having the social piece of it, I’m struggling!

Michelle: It’s funny I used to be a loner runner. I was happier running by myself needing that time to make sense of my life. However, I met people over the last year and a half and I realized running with them I can do that so much better than when I was alone. You don’t quite realize what you have until you don’t have it on a daily basis anymore. One thing is for certain, Rogue has made it so that I’m no longer a solo runner, at least not by choice. And I’m thankful for that.

Jason: Running during the quarantine is definitely a unique experience. Many people have an increased workload during this time but I am on the opposite end of the spectrum, my job is on a break for the time being. Because I have all this extra time on my hands, I have actually been running more even though I should be tapering for the now delayed Boston Marathon. Running has always been my time of day to decompress and enjoy the company of others. Since I cannot run with others now, I have tried going to new trails and parts of the city I have never run before. It has been fun and I have found a lot of great new running trails.

Annie: I primarily run alone, so the coronavirus has not changed my running much in terms of that. What it has changed is how sharply my weekday runs contrast with my weekend long run. The coronavirus has increased my time at work by 10-20 hours more per week. More notably, my stress level has increased as well. So during the week, I’ve been really struggling. Running is either what jolts me out of bed in the morning, disrupting my escape from the crisis that sits before us, or takes me out of the house in the evening, adding to more time away from my kids who have been home alone all day. Each step feels tiresome and like a burden, each run a forced activity and an item to get checked off the to-do list.
But come the weekend, running does a 180. I relish the time and each mile. Running feels effortless and freeing, and I feel a sense of community as I read the positive chalk messages along the path and pass the many others who are spending time outside with their families.

Fred: I primarily run alone too, but I do enjoy group runs. Running for me during the coronavirus has been a way to stay active and sane especially since stress at work is definitely higher. Running provides that movement and stress relief to me to stay sane. Especially when running alone, I am able to process all of my emotions, to regain the resiliency that I have been blessed with, and to replenish the strength I have given away to others so they can cope during the health crisis. Running also helps me to stay pain free. To work the kinks out of my back and neck from working the longer hours to allow time to communicate even more with staff one on one. Running is when the Holy Spirit talks to me the most. When my mind opens up to listen. A perfect example was yesterday’s run. The Holy Spirit has been talking to me about a topic for a month now. In yesterday’s run, the message became clear. I even had to turn off my podcast, and walk some so I could really understand the message. Running gives me strength. A strength that I try then to share with others.

Dave: Running has been one of the very few things that has given me an opportunity to feel normal during these challenging days. I haven’t run with anyone else in a month which hasn’t been easy or fun. I’ve had to change up my routes and times that I run due to my gym being closed, there are no public restrooms and I have to try to avoid running where there are groups of people. But, once I hit start on my watch and take off, I have been able to put the stress and worry behind me for however many miles I’m running that day. I haven’t been able to run as structured as I normally would since my running time has been limited with an increased workload, but just that feeling of taking a break from all that is going on is such a relief every day that I can make time for it.

Brian K: I mostly run alone during the week but I look forward to running with friends on the weekend as its a great way to stay connected but now I am running alone. While I do miss that camaraderie on the weekends running and beer my daily outlet while on lock down. Its my 1 time of the day to get outside and enjoy the sun and fresh air. It is the only thing that makes life feel normal and it provides a great time to reflect on things. Its usually my only time each day I leave the house, we have been really trying to diligently follow the stay at home orders. Especially since we are expecting our first child next month and do not want to put our future baby at risk. I couln’t imagine not being able to run during these difficult times and am thankful to still have that outlet.