Rogue of the Week – Andrea

What is your favorite distance and why?

I love training for the marathon, but quite honestly, the race itself can be brutal. While it’s a more unconventional race distance, I really enjoy racing the 15K because it is short enough where you can really push hard the whole time, but it’s over soon enough that it doesn’t get too miserable.

What do you struggle with most in running?

Comparing myself to others. Don’t do it, it totally takes away from the pure joy of the sport!

Do you rotate shoes and if so what is in your current rotation?

I do rotate shoes. Right now, I rotate between two pairs of the Hoka Cliftons for my easy runs. And then for harder runs or workouts I use the Nike Zoom fly (men’s version for this shoe).

Do you have a mantra that you use when you are racing/training?

Yes! I still use one from one of my coaches in High School: “I’m strong, I can, I will!”

Do you ever feel unmotivated to train and if so how do you overcome it?

I think everyone has times when motivation doesn’t come that easy. I always just try to remember that the hardest part of any run is just starting. I know I will feel better when I’m done and I will regret it if I don’t go for that run (assuming it’s not a time when I legitimately need the rest or am nursing an injury).

What is the best thing running has given you?

Friends, community, and something to challenge myself with!

What is your favorite race you have participated in and why?

The KT82 relay race in St. Louis. It’s a 6 -person relay covering 82 miles over a wide variety of terrain. It’s just such a fun thing to do with a group of friends, and it lets you race three times in one day! It’s a great balance of getting a great workout in while also spending quality time with people, having an adventure. It’s a really unique experience that you don’t get in traditional races.

How did you get started in running?

I played soccer as a goalkeeper all the way through my senior year of college. During college I started running more and more for general fitness during the off season and I started to like it.  After my soccer career came to an end, I signed up for the Cap City half marathon and I was hooked!

What is your favorite running workout?

The marathon “wave” workout, where you do a long run (16-20 miles) alternating an easy pace mile with a marathon pace mile. It’s a great way to ease into the longer marathon pace tempo workouts, and you just feel really good afterwards. Towards the end of a training cycle, I also like 10×1 mile repeats at half marathon pace. It’s a great fitness test!

How many marathons have you run?


Who is your favorite professional runner?

Deena Kastor. Everyone should read her book!

What are the craziest race conditions you have had to endure?

The Hot Chocolate 15K in St. Louis in 2018…. 10 degrees plus a solid 15 mph wind made for a REALLY cold run! The “hot chocolate” they handed out afterwards froze within minutes

Do you have a goal race you haven’t done yet and why do you want to do it?

I would love to do all of the marathon majors someday! I still need London, Berlin, and Tokyo.

Do you listen to music while you run and if so, what music gets you pumped up for a race?

I only listen to music when I am doing a difficult workout on my own, but when I do, there will be plenty of Taylor Swift on the playlist. For easy runs on my own, I prefer podcasts….my favorites are “Armchair Expert” and “Freakonomics”.

Note:  Not one to brag about herself, Andrea was actually the female overall champion of the GO! St. Louis Marathon in 2015 when she finished in 2:54:28.  Unfortunately for Andrea, another woman cheated in the race that day by cutting the course and broke the finish line tape instead of Andrea.  However, once the cheater was discovered, race officials and the St. Louis Cardinals gave Andrea the opportunity to break the tape at a Cardinals-Reds game as well as throw out the first pitch.  You can read more about the story in this article from The Sporting News and this article in Runner’s World.