Rogue of the Week – Erin R.

What is your favorite distance and why?

Half Marathon because it’s a great challenge, but the post-recovery isn’t as long as a full so that I can get back to training much faster.

What do you struggle with most in running?

● Tapering before and after a race
● Running in 20 degrees or below

Do you rotate shoes and if so what is in your current rotation?

Yes, I try to rotate them every day.

Do you have a mantra that you use when you are racing/training?

Yes, “I got this.”

Do you ever feel unmotivated to train and if so how do you overcome it?

I struggle with the cold and having Raynaud’s disease during the winter. I recently discovered the key to overcoming it is to wear anywhere from 2- 4 layers of clothing, including skiing mittens.

Also, I struggle with pushing myself for too long and hard at times without taking a day off or getting enough sleep. When I notice I’m to the point of total exhaustion, I will force myself to take a rest day or rearrange my schedule to sleep and do my workout later in the day at some point.

What is the best thing running has given you?

Confidence. When I first set out to do my first marathon at the age of 22, I decided to shoot for the stars. I found an advanced marathoner program, followed it to the T, and then made sure I did faster times than it prescribed to reach my goal time. It worked, and I succeeded by doing a faster time than I set out to do. The confidence I gained from that endeavor gave me a strategic blueprint to utilize for any goal thereafter I wanted to achieve.

What is your favorite race you have participated in and why?

Ironman Texas is my favorite race thus far because it was the most significant part of my comeback story from a destructive path I found myself on for a long time. It was my 3rd triathlon ever which was incredible. I joined a team consisting of extremely competitive, elite athletes, and we all did the race together. We were able to high-five while passing one another on the course and even race parts of it together, along with having an entire community of family and friends supporting us on the sidelines. I had friends show up to cheer me on at different portions of the race, and I had never experienced anything like it. I had no idea if I’d even finish, and by the time I got to the finish line, I found myself doing the spank dance, screaming in excitement with my hands up in the air and ending up with an exceptional time. It was said my father even teared up as he saw me coming down the finish line, and I’ve only seen him cry once in my lifetime. It was awesome.

How did you get started in running?

I grew up watching my father do marathons and was inspired by him.

What is your favorite running workout?

I love doing interval speed workouts.

How many marathons have you run?


Who is your favorite professional runner?

Abdi Abdirahman

What are the craziest race conditions you have had to endure?

Ironman Louisville – a torrential storm rolled in at mile 70 on the bike, and we were blasted with freezing rain and wind gusts of up to 35 mph.

Do you have a goal race you haven’t done yet and why do you want to do it?

Ironman Kona because it is the most epic race in the most beautiful destination I can ever imagine.

Do you listen to music while you run and if so, what music gets you pumped up for a race?

Yes, I listen to upbeat, inspirational music with a very fast tempo. Right now, for example, my favorite song to run to is High Hopes by Panic! At the Disco.