Rogue Question of the Week: What is one race or event that is on your bucket list that you haven’t done yet and why is it on your bucket list?

What is one race or event that is on your bucket list that you haven’t done yet and why is it on your bucket list?

  • The Tokyo Marathon. I was scheduled to complete it in October of 2021, but due to the Pandemic, it was cancelled to non-Japanese citizens. It will be my sixth star! Here’s hoping for 2023!!!! – Amy B
  • Berlin Marathon… Because it’s FAST! – Bryan S.
  • Big Sur! I hear it is a beautiful course plus I would really like to see the piano player that I hear is on the course! – Tamara K
  • London Marathon…I’ve always wanted to visit London and of course run one of the major marathons on my way to 6 stars. Also, Kona full ironman. I want to qualify one day and race there! – Ashley B
  • London marathon because when I lived there 25 years ago, I thought anyone who even considered running a marathon was totally insane. Now I want to be one of those people wearing a medal on the Tube. – Clare M
  • Grandma’s Marathon. Lake Superior is beautiful, and this gives me a match to Grandfather Mountain Marathon. – Fred S
  • Boston, because 2020 cheated me out of that experience. I’d also love to run New York one day. – Katie G
  • Big Sur! Because I lived out there for a couple years when I was stationed in Monterey but never got the chance to run it. I will definitely check that box one day! – Jon J
  • Berlin Marathon because I have always wanted to see Germany. – Jake R
  • Berlin. I haven’t been to Germany and would love to make a trip of it and get another major marathon under my belt. – Ryan A
  • Berlin! And it’s finally happening in less than 80 days!!!!! – Jen G
  • Tokyo marathon to finish out my World Marathon Majors sixth star. Potentially Kona as well as I get back into triathlon. – Michael T
  • Marine Corps Marathon and San Francisco Marathon are a tie for me. Two great areas to run. – Dave P
  • California International and NYC. CIM is fast and great state to run in. NYC is part of the world majors. – Brittney R
  • New York & Chicago/Once upon a time IM Kona, but that’s looking like a pipe dream unless I can knock out like another 10 IM’s someday.  – Erin R
  • Berlin, because I want to go to Germany and because its fast! – Brian K