Road to my 1st Boston Marathon – Amy W.

What are you most excited about for the Boston Marathon (things you have heard about, things you might be looking forward to the most)?

Doing all things marathon for the weekend – the expo, fan fest, Sam Adams, etc. The Wellesley Scream tunnel, crossing the finish line, and all of the after race party things.

What made you want to do the Boston Marathon/when did it common to your radar?

I wanted to have a bigger goal in distance running.

What have you had to go through to qualify for the Boston Marathon?

I qualified my first time trying at Wineglass in 2019, but was left out in 2021 due to the time cut when the field was reduced after the event was cancelled in 2020.

Who is coming with you to the Boston Marathon? (Family/friends)

My entire family including my little girls, my two best friends, and my work BFF.

What does running the Boston Marathon mean to you?

A time of celebration with the people who mean the most to me!

What number marathon is this for you?

This will be my ninth marathon