Rogue Question of the Week: What are your go to tips for running on hot days?

With the summer temperatures and the heat index going up this coming week, what are your go to tips for running on hot days?

  • Run early in the day and carry hydration. I always try to do long runs in segments so that I can refill my bottle when necessary. – Amy B
  • Run early, and if it’s really hot, it’s great practice for tough race day conditions. Drink plenty of water and have water available on the route. – Clare M
  • Head to the trails! The shade of the trees and distraction of the beautiful scenery helps keep you cool and committed. I also like to freeze water bottles the night before long runs then place them out along my route so they’ll be thawed and refreshing when I get there! Lastly, I love a hat, too. dunk it in water at drinking fountains or a creek and put back on to keep cool. -Erin A
  • Freeze a small towel or a wash cloth you can take with you to cool you off with. Put a Gatorade in the freezer on its side before you leave and then pull it out when you’re done, shake it, and you’ll have a homemade slushy to look forward to. (Takes 90ish minutes to freeze and after 2 hours it’s frozen solid.) Flavor ice is another great mid-run or post-run treat on a hot day. – Dave P
  • Salt, salt, salt (sodium) the night before, and refuel often (gu and water) during the run. I’m a fan of light colored hats in heat. Everyone’s body responds differently to heat, so try all the things and see what works best for you to fly on race day. – Katie G
  • Make sure you run with water stations in mind or carry your hydration. I run when it fits into my workday so I try and beat the heat, but if I can’t it’s focus on the mile you are in and it’s ok to slow, walk, break. There is almost something even more impressive powering through that triple digit humid run than even out blistering cold winter runs. – Amy P
  • Run in the morning. Hydrate all day every day. Use salt tablets at 30 min intervals. Do not ration water on runs and plan spots to refill water bottles. – Fred S
  • Obviously I am in the minority, but I love running when it is really hot and feel like it is a good challenge for my training. Sometimes I specifically seek out the hottest time of day to run because it will make my other runs feel that much easier. As inspiration on hot days though, I plan a cold reward like a slushy or ice cream afterwards, something that will cool me down. – Jason H
  • During the week I generally run on lunch or after work, so I am usually running in the worst of the heat. I expect that my pace may be a bit slower that what it might normally be if its really hot. If I am doing speed work, I will likely take a slightly longer break than normal. Sometimes I fill up a handheld with as much ice as possible and then ice cold water so that I am holding something really cold while running. It can help keep you feeling cooler. – Brian K